About Integrity Tutoring

Integrity Tutoring specialises in providing a Brisbane-based (US College Board) SAT preparation service, helping to prepare students for overseas college entrance. Integrity Tutoring also offers tutoring for High School subjects in Economics, Geography, Business Studies.

Principal Tutor

Profile: Bryen McNally

Integrity Tutoring's principal tutor has been preparing groups of students in Queensland for the SAT since 2003.


Bryen McNally Photo
  • Mr McNally finds great delight in assisting students to prepare for their future, and demonstrating the enjoyment that can come from successfully mastering seemingly difficult problems;
  • He possesses over 40 years' experience in secondary education, preparing students for high school graduation, employment and/or future study. He has taught in both regional and metropolitan settings;
  • He has prepared candidates for the US College Board's SAT examination for the last 10 years through group workshops and individual tutoring;
  • His academic qualifications include: a Teaching Qualification from the Sydney Teachers' College (now part of the University of Sydney); an Arts degree from Macquarie University, and a Master's Degree from the university of New South Wales.
  • He marked the NSW HSC examinations in one of the humanity subjects for 15 years;
  • He was the supervisor at SAT administration centres in Queensland from 2003 until 2011;
  • In the latter half of his professional career, Mr McNally served in positions of middle (Head of Faculty, Deputy Principal) and senior management (Principal) of P-12 and secondary schools for 20 years;
  • He has taught in all-boys, all-girls, and co-educational State (23 years) and Independent schools (19 years);
  • He has taught students from indigenous and international backgrounds as well as across the full range of socio-economic backgrounds.
  • He possesses current registration with the Queensland College of Teachers, and holds a current Blue Card from the Commissioner for Children and Young People.

Our Services

Integrity Tutoring offers the following services:

  • US College Board SAT Preparation – Intensive Workshops and Individual Private Tutoring Sessions
  • High School Subjects – Economics, Geography, Business Studies
  • Exam Preparation for high schoolers
  • Study Skills, Goal Setting, Time Management
  • Asessing Personal Skills and Career Directions
  • Resume Writing
  • Professional Career Planning
  • Preparation for Career Advancement and Promotion
  • Formal Business Communication (letters, emails)
  • Performing at the Job Interview

See SAT Preparation Services for more details of our services and costs.

Our Undertaking

Integrity's Commitment to the student

Engaging Integrity Tutoring to help you comes with a guarantee that its tutor will be committed to helping the student to achieve the very best SAT score of which s/he is capable.

We guarantee that every session will return an investment of greater value for money than the dollars outlaid; and

Under all circumstances, our commitment is that we will do our very best to help every student we tutor to be as well-prepared as possible for the SAT and to achieve the very best result of which they are capable, given the amount of time for preparation. We (you and I) are in this together to get the best possible outcome for him (or her). Integrity Tutoring regards itself as a partner (with parents and the SAT candidate) in its endeavours to maximise those SAT results.

Behaviour Above Question

What procedures are in place to protect against student sexual abuse?

  • Blue Card issued by the Commissioner for Children and Young People
  • Strictly enforced personal requirement that both female and male students have an adult as the third party in attendance for the full duration of every tutoring session. The accompanying adult may pursue other activities (knitting, reading, watching TV or movies, alternative computer work – so long as they are physically present. (This is then a protection for both student and tutor.)
  • For absolute transparency, clarity and probity, should there be no accompanying adult present, no private one-on-one tutoring will take place – under any circumstance – until a third party is present (parent, sibling, other responsible adult, or, as a last resort, a mature unsupervised but occupied and well-behaved pre-teen).


What participants and others have said about our workshops and individual tutoring:

"I re-sat the [SAT] test after attending your workshop and my score improved by 250 points" – Hannah, Mt Gravatt

"I have learned so much that will help me in the SAT from this workshop. I could never have done it on my own." – Michael, Cairns

"My daughter felt so much more confident – and did so much better in the SAT than she thought she would – and she believes that it was because of the help you gave her in your SAT workshop" – grateful mother, Townsville

"I learnt so much more in the workshop because you catered to my individual learning needs. It was so helpful. Thank you." – Peter, Gold Coast

"What good value! You should charge 3 or 4 times more for the services you are providing. It's a bargain at twice the price." – An experienced teacher from an elite Brisbane secondary school

"Hi Bryen. I'm now getting all A's in my studies here in (named US college). Next year, I plan to enrol in Law. This is a very long way from my awful attempts at SAT Maths and Language before I met you. I will always be very grateful to you for all your help. You helped me to get ahead in amazing ways". – DG, Integrity Tutoring student 2011, now studying in US.

"Are we happy with your tutoring today? We are very happy with every session. It is very informative and instructive. You make it so interesting."

"From your tutoring, we receive so much more value than the money we outlay: in your time so generously given; in the skill you demonstrate in your teaching; in the simplicity you develop complex concepts; in your understanding of how teenagers process concepts; in the acceptance and patience you show to repeat and revise earlier concepts; in the inspiration and warmth you communicate to our son."

"You explain and model maths solutions so well for our daughter. Thank you."

Aussie Athletes Agency and Integrity Tutoring

Aussie Athletes' AgencyIntegrity Tutoring works happily with the only NCAA certified, Australian based, personalised agency that helps Australian athletes through the complicated US College sport recruitment process. AAA works with all sports at all levels and has a 100% success rate on placements. AAA truly values preparing the student-athlete for the next step in his/her athletic and academic career and AAA and Integrity have worked together successfully since AAA's inception.

To contact the AAA team, visit the website http://www.aussieathletesagency.com/.

Payment Details

Payments to Integrity may be made either in Cash at the conclusion of the tutoring session, or by on-line direct debit. With gratitude and thanks, we appreciate settlement of payments within 7 days.

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