College Board and other publishers' materials

Are there other textbooks and reference materials available from which to prepare?

Web materials:

  • The SAT Website
  • The US College Board produces a number of preparation resources – both on-line as daily questions, helps and suggestions/tips when a candidate registers on-line, and

Print materials:

  • The Official SAT Study Guide; contains 8 practice tests, advice and instruction about the various aspects of essay Writing, Critical Reading and Mathematics. Correct answers and explanations are also provided.
  • The Official SAT Teacher's Guide.
  • Barron's How to prepare for the SAT, similarly contains 6 practice Reasoning tests, and advice and instruction on all the important sections of the test. Correct answers and explanations are provided.
  • Barrons SAT Text Book

  • Several independent agencies provide on-line help – an on-line search will highlight many sound sites.

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