SAT Preparation Services

Services offered by Integrity Tutoring

Integrity Tutoring focusses on thorough preparation of the student in all areas of inquiry for the SAT.

  • An in-depth Diagnostic Test which helps to identify individual strengths and weaknesses. Reinforcement of strengths; remediate areas of weakness.
  • A constructive analysis of strengths and weaknesses, from which an individualised study plan is constructed.
  • Devise a complete and comprehensive Study Plan.
  • Model, demonstrate quality SAT writing.
  • Provide constructive critiquing of SAT essay attempts thorough constructive critiquing of every essay as written with feedback for improvement, according the criteria used by the College Board markers/assessors.
  • Provide many useful worksheets
  • Outlines of various biographies that would be helpful in the Essay's illustrations
  • Exemplars of quality modelled writing.
  • 18 sample essays upon which to commence practicing, aimed at improving writing skills.
  • Other materials as relevant.

However, incidentally, other matters will be addressed as the need arises (such as Motivation, Time Management, Goal Setting, Basic organisation, how to create neat work, and similar topics)


As a service to students and all potential test-takers, Integrity Tutoring conducts 4-day intensive workshops during mid-semester school breaks in March-April and September-October every year. For specific details, see our website or ring.

Enrollment for the workshops carries a cost, which entitles the student to:

  • The 4-day intensive Workshop;
  • A kit of resource materials;
  • 18 sample essays upon which to commence practicing aimed at improving writing skills;
  • Thorough constructive critiquing of every essay as written – with feedback for improvement, according to the criteria used by the College Board markers/ assessors.

Workshop Dates

Four-day intensive workshops are conducted twice each year, during secondary schools' mid-semester breaks:

See SAT Preparation Workshp Dates (pdf) for the dates when our next workshops will be held on.

Integrity Tutoring uses Barron's book because it is comprehensive and thorough. It is available from Integrity Tutoring at cost price (see below).

Barron's is the preferred and the workshop text, but the College Board's and other publishers' materials are used where relevant.

Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring Arrangements

For those who are unable to attend the mid-semester workshops, private tutoring can be arranged, at mutually convenient times, either in a public place, in person (at the tutor's or student's homes) or on the phone (possibly also via Skype?).

For personal tutoring, a third person must always be present.

What to bring to every tutoring session

To every tutoring session, please bring:

  • Barron's SAT (see below)
  • an A4 exercise book of 60 pages
  • a calculator
  • an alert, intelligent mind
  • a willingness to enjoy learning

Does Integrity Tutoring use any particular textbook?

There are many SAT reference books on the market, demonstrating various approaches: the College Board's Student Guide, McGraw-Hill, Kaplan,

Our preferred textbook is Barron's SAT, by far the best SAT preparation text on the market.

Integrity Tutoring uses sections of other materials as relevant and useful, and makes them available to students.

Barrons SAT Text BookWhy Barron's SAT text?

Barron's SAT is the textbook that we have found particularly useful (over the last 10 years) in preparing candidates for the US College Board's SAT. We have investigated all of the major SAT preparation texts on the market (and use them with students where appropriate – including Kaplan, McGraw-Hill, and the College Board's own Official Guide to the SAT). There are, however, compelling reasons for us using Barron's SAT – in all ways, it is more extensive and superior.

Where do I purchase Barron's text?

Sadly, Barron's is very difficult to obtain domestically, in Australian or Queensland retail outlets. None of the major book retailers presently stock this book and it is difficult to obtain. So, as a service to our clients, we have imported a consignment of the books and make them available:

Cost: ($25 *) + Postage and handling
(Ordinary post: $8.50; Parcel Post Plus: $12.50; Express next day delivery: $14.00)

Integrity's Diagnostic Test and Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses

What do we do now that we have received Barron's SAT ?

Barron's has a Diagnostic Test (pages 35 to 69). It will be extremely helpful to tailor a specific preparation program if that Diagnostic Test can be completed, answers indicated on the Answer Sheet placed inside the front cover, scanned, and emailed back as an attachment.

We will mark it and analyse the results. We will be able to identify, quite accurately, areas of strength and areas that need strengthening. We'll then email the results back to you before our first session with suggestions and recommendations. In that way, we will use every minute of our first and subsequent sessions profitably.

The Diagnostic Test is a little more demanding than the normal SAT exam. It is designed that way to provide a greater depth of difficulty so that strengths and vulnerabilities become obvious. If the SAT score is being used for QTAC or an academic placement in a US College, all 10 units of the test (including the essay in Section 1) need to be attempted. They do not have to be attempted all in the one sitting of 3¾ hours. Further, whilst allocated 25 minutes for the first 8 sections, it is better for the sections to be completed, even if they take 35 or 45 minutes each.

If the US college requires scores for the Critical Reading and Mathematics sections only (as in some NCAA prescribed circumstances), then, in the Diagnostic, only Sections 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9 need be completed and sent.

Barron's SAT has a list of the correct answers; but reference to the correct answers defeats the primary purpose of the Diagnostic – that being to identify areas needing strengthening.

How long should I take to prepare for the SAT?

Candidates are wise to give themselves sufficient and adequate time in which to prepare for the SAT.

To prepare thoroughly for this test needs probably 12 months. Furthermore, most senior high school students will be inundated with the demands and the work of Year 12. Both (high school study and SAT preparation) are very manageable with skillful planning (and Integrity Tutoring can help plan and manage the workload as well, if necessary). Integrity works with those who approach Integrity Tutoring desperate for a score with 3 or 4 weeks' preparation, but assure them that the more time they have to invest in preparation, the better will be their scores.

Costs for Tutoring

Our standard professional fee is $60 per hour and our sessions are timed to go for one hour; but, as you know, hours can be somewhat rubbery; so a session could last for 1¼ or 1½ hours (but for no additional tutoring cost), the additional time depending on how alert the student remains.

How much does Integrity charge for tuition?

Integrity Tutoring proudly provides affordable quality tuition

Integrity Tutoring's 4-day SAT Prep Workshop & kit $250 AUD

Private Tutoring per session $60 AUD

How does this compare with other tutoring organisations?

Integrity's professional, private tutoring fee is $60 per session which normally lasts a generous hour; plus (in circumstances where the tutor must travel), travel costs.

One major commercial tutoring organisation operating out of Melbourne advertises: (prices quoted as at June 2013)

  • Private Course – $1580 saving $250 (20-Hour 6-Session SAT Private Long Course) ($79 per hour; $263 per session)
  • For students in selected cities outside of the US: $1980 (saving $400+) = ($99 per hour; $330 per session)

Presently, we are unaware of any other specialist tutors for the College Board's SAT in Queensland.

Generally, tutoring ranges from $70 to $100 per hour – by both commercial organisations and individual tutors.

There are many organisations which provide SAT tutoring services, mainly in the US. One such organisation, operating internationally, charges from $4,400 for a 35-hour course ($125/hr), to $650 for a 5-hour tutoring package ($130/hr).

How often should tutoring sessions be scheduled?

The majority of students opt for a weekly tutoring session. However, some choose a fortnightly session.

A few begin immediately, learn the SAT requirements in their initial sessions, but, because of other pressing commitments (like study in Year 12), then postpone further tutoring until a later date when those additional pressures are more manageable.

Whether students use the services of Integrity Tutoring or not, they are strongly encouraged to become as familiar as possible with the test before they take their first SAT. The College Board's SAT Preparation Centre offers:

  • Sample questions
  • Answer explanations
  • Official SAT practice test
  • Personalized score report

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