Registering for the SAT

How do I register for the SAT?

Web Address:

Registration is easy. There are 3 registration methods:

  • Online registration is the fastest, most accurate method. It gives immediate confirmation of the test centre seat and access to an online Admission Ticket for corrections and reprinting.
  • Mail registration is sometimes required. Students who provide an email address on the form will receive tickets by email only. Paper registrants who do not provide an email address or who indicate on the form that they want to receive a paper ticket as well will continue to receive an Admission Ticket in the mail.
  • Phone registration is offered for retaking the test. A fee applies. Only students who have a previous registration in the system can register by phone.

No matter how students register, they will be required to specify their high school, date of birth, gender and grade level. Online registrations cannot be completed without this information, and paper registrations will be returned unprocessed if any of this information is missing.

When can I sit for the SAT?

The US College Board's SAT is administered 6 times each year across the world, including Queensland (on the first Saturdays of May, June, October, November and December, and in late January). Over 2 million candidates globally attempt these tests for US college entrance every year.

Local Australian administration centres are required to tell the College Board in the 6 months before the new North American academic year the dates they will open for testing (and will not open) in the forthcoming academic year. As soon as those centres are posted on-line, Integrity Tutoring processes that information (centres and open dates) and makes it available. This helps students plan more intelligently, and saves them time so that they do not need to trawl laboriously through various centres and dates.

Those centres are outlined as follows. The data are correct as at the mid-July 2013, but may not reflect any last-minute alterations notified to the College Board during the tear.

Browse list of Australian SAT Administration Centres & Opening Dates (pdf)

Are there deadlines for registering for the SAT?

International Registration deadlines (which include Australia) occur approx 4 weeks before the date of the test.

See SAT Registration Deadlines for 2013-2014 (pdf) for details of upcoming SAT due dates for international students.

How long does the SAT take?

The test takes 3 hours and 45 minutes, with three 5-minute breaks.

How many times should a student take the SAT?

The vast majority of students take the SAT once or twice, and the College Board does not recommend that students take the SAT more than twice. There is no evidence to support the idea that taking the SAT more than twice results in significant score gains.

When will my SAT scores be available for me to see?

The College Board makes the SAT scores available on line 14 days after the test date. However, because Answer Sheets from Australia do not arrive at the College Board's SAT processing centre until the following Wednesday after the test, Australian students have sometimes reported to us that their scores have been delayed by up to a further week after the test.

Students wishing to provide their scores to QTAC should tell the SAT program at the time of registration that they request a paper copy of the scores. QTAC does not accept downloaded SAT on-line score reports. They only accept the officially produced SAT report. This can take up to 6 weeks and more. Students wishing to present their SAT scores to QTAC for first round offers in the Australian new academic year would be wise to attempt the October SAT. Official SAT reports generated from the November or December SAT administrations will not be received by QTAC in time for inclusion in first-round, or (probably) second-round offers.

The SAT program has electronic facilities to send scores to registered US colleges immediately they are available. See their website for more details.


What does the SAT cost?

This is the most accurate figure available (as at July 2013 for the 2013-14 academic year).

Registration with the College Board to attempt the SAT administration using on-line credit card facilities $91 USD.

See: The College Board website for registration and the most current fees – all amounts there are expressed in US dollars.

This is a candidate's responsibility.

SAT International Registration Fees 2013 - 14

See SAT Current Registration Fees & Charges (pdf) for details of costs and charges for international students.

Source: as at 24 July 2013

 SAT Payment Methods

1. Credit Card

American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and JCB.

Credit cards are not accepted in Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria or Togo. Credit cards are not accepted if you are registering through an SAT International Representative.

2. Cheque

Make cheques payable to "The College Board". Cheques must be drawn on U.S. banks. Any cheques drawn on non-U.S. banks will be returned.

3. Other

You can also pay by bank drafts, international money orders or UNESCO coupons.

Do not send cash. Cash will not be accepted. Use one of the other methods to submit your payment.

The College Board reserves the right to collect payments electronically by cheques. Cheques returned to the College Board for insufficient funds will be represented electronically and your account will be debited for the amount of the cheque, plus the state-allowed penalty fee.

Source: as at 24 July 2013

Special Circumstances:

Registering for testing on Sunday, under 13, and more

The College Board recognizes a number of special circumstances in which students may find themselves:

Sunday Testing

You may only request Sunday testing if your religious observance prohibits your ability to test on a published Saturday test date, and this conflict is validated by an official clergy letter. Sunday testing is not available for individuals who would normally test on Saturday. Sunday test dates immediately follow each Saturday test date, unless there is a conflict with a religious holiday. Testing on both Saturday and Sunday is not permitted, and Sunday testing is not available in India or Pakistan.

If you are registering for Sunday testing for the first time, register by paper.

See Instructions for Sunday testing registration (pdf) for further information.

If you have tested previously on a Sunday, you can register online or use telephone re-registration. If you register by mail, you must submit a letter from your cleric with every paper registration form you mail.

Under the age of 13

Due to Internet privacy laws, students younger than 13 years of age cannot register online. To register for the SAT, obtain a Registration Guide packet with registration form and return envelope from your local high school. Complete the form, and submit it with payment to the College Board.

You are not required to provide a photo if you are in the 8th grade or below and should not include one with your registration.

If you are taking the SAT as part of a talent search program, you'll need to submit additional documentation along with your registration form. For details about the additional documentation that you will need in order to register as a talent search student, visit the program page directly at:

If you are in the 8th grade or below and testing for Talent Search purposes, you can present a Talent Identification Program ID/Authorization to Test Form; a photo is not required.

If you are not testing for Talent Search purposes, you must present an acceptable photo ID in order to test.

Keeping Scores

If you test in the 8th grade or below, your scores are removed from your file at the end of the academic year that you tested. If you don't want your scores removed, you must let us know before June of the year you tested. Send your request to keep scores, including your full identification information, registration number and test date, to:

The College Board SAT Program
Attention: Talent Search Scores
P. O. Box 025505
Miami, FL 33102

Testing closer to home

If you live more than 75 miles (121 kilometers) from the nearest test center, you may be able to test closer to your home. Please note that we cannot process requests to test closer to home in international locations for the October or June test dates. Also, testing closer to home is not an option offered in India or Pakistan.

See Instructions for testing closer to home registration (pdf) for further information.

Over the age of 21

If you will be 21 years old or older on test day, you are considered an adult test- taker, and the following restrictions apply to you:


You must present an official government-issued ID (for example, a driver's license or passport) that has a current and recognizable photo. Expired identification is not acceptable. The name on the identification must match the name shown on your Admission Ticket.

No other form of identification will be accepted. Student ID cards are not valid forms of identification for test-takers aged 21 or older.

Waitlist status is not available for test takers 21 years old or older.

Source: as at 24 July 2013


Photo Identification

Photo Requirements

How to upload your registration photo

You must submit a photo with your registration for the SAT. The photo you provide will become part of your Admission Ticket. You will be asked to upload a digital photo during online registration. Your appearance in the photo must match how you will look on the day of the test or you will not be admitted to the test.

See Photo requirements (pdf) for further information.

Calculator Policy for the SAT

Which calculators can be used on test day — and when

General calculator policy

Acceptable calculators are allowed for mathematics questions only. You will not be allowed to share calculators. You will be dismissed and your scores canceled if you use your calculator to share information during the test, or to remove test questions or answers from the test room.

Use of calculators during the SAT

Every question in the mathematics portion of the SAT can be solved without a calculator. However, we suggest that you bring and use a calculator, especially one with which you are familiar. We recommend the use of a scientific or graphing calculator. You may not use a calculator while working on the critical reading or writing portions, and must put the calculator away during these portions of the test.

See Tips for using a Calculator in the SAT for more information.

Acceptable calculators

If you have a calculator with characters that are one inch or higher, or if your calculator has a raised display that might be visible to other test-takers, you will be seated at the discretion of the test supervisor. You are not required to clear the memory on your calculator. See the following document for tips on calculator use in the SAT and models of calculators allowed.

SAT Calculator Policy and Tips

Unacceptable calculators

You are not allowed to use any of the following items as a calculator:

  • Laptop or a portable/handheld computer
  • Calculator that has QWERTY (keyboard-like) keypad, uses an electrical outlet, makes noise or has a paper tape
  • Electronic writing pad or pen-input/stylus-driven device
  • Pocket organizer
  • Calculator function on a mobile phone

Source: as at 24 July 2013

Missed the Registration deadline? Stand-by? NO LONGER !!

Check out the new WAITLIST procedures.

If a student misses the late registration deadline, he or she can request Waitlist Status. Test takers who have been unable to register by the due deadline cannot attend on the day and be admitted as a Stand-by. Since the beginning of the 2012 academic year, Standby Testing has no longer been available for testers who fail to register by the due deadline.

A new Waitlist Status procedure has replaced the previous Standby arrangements. This is a major change for those who understand only the previous (and now defunct) Standby system.

WAITLIST procedures

Waitlist Status

Missed the registration??

Discover how you can still take the SAT

Standby test-taking is no longer permitted.

If you miss the last registration deadline, or if your paper registration has been returned unprocessed without enough time to resubmit it, you may be able to go online to request a waitlist status. This status may be available from the last registration deadline up until five days before test day. Unregistered individuals will not be admitted to the test centre under any circumstances.

See further information on Waitlist status.

Source: as at March 2013